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Stephanie Rumahi


I care deeply about self-love and self-efficacy in our clients. I therefore specialize primarily in the area of anxiety and addictions. The root cause of a developed addiction is the lack, or loss, of genuine attachment. The accompanying feeling of need satisfaction and the associated feeling of security is not satisfied. From this, a “substitute security” develops. It comforts over the lack of attachment, but it cannot replace it. It is my concern to accompany our clients into their full power and to show them the way of a self-determined life.

Possible goals would be:
  • Improve or restore autonomy, self-confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Restore a sense of inner coherence or satisfaction.
    Confidence in inner guidance.
  • Detachment and change of obstructive behavior patterns and relationships.
  • Processing and detachment from traumatic experiences.
  • Stress reduction and serenity.

Geraldine Rumahi


I believe that relationships are the foundation of our lives and that there is a lot of potential for healing and insight in them. In my therapy work, I have therefore focused on working with and in relationships. First and foremost is the relationship with yourself, where the foundation for all other relationships in your life is laid. The journey to yourself, to your own heart is not always easy, but it is the most rewarding one you will ever take. I promise you that.
he The first relationship experiences you have are in your family – this is where relationship is modeled and where you also enter into relationship with your family. What is the first of relationships that you were taught? Is there a relationship with a family member that is looking for healing?
The next space of experience is partner relationships. Here it can be tricky, or it can be very fulfilling. Do you desire a fulfilling couple relationship or would you like to deepen your existing one?
Another area where relationship work can be very effective is in the workplace. Here we offer team building and targeted therapy conversations with co-workers or even between employee/boss.

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That speaks for us

At Rumah Hypnosis, we offer short-term therapy with quick and highly effective results. Our scientifically recognized therapy is accessible to clients without long waiting times, and they can start their transformative journey at any time. We provide therapy options both online and in-person, ensuring that help is always within reach, no matter where you are.

Our approach focuses on minimizing the duration and intensity of suffering, offering a faster and more efficient alternative to long-term talk therapies. Our years of practical experience, combined with state-of-the-art training and education, ensure the highest quality of care for our clients.

We prioritize trust, safety, and comfort, creating an environment where clients can let go of defense mechanisms and embrace healing. Our strength lies in connecting with clients on an equal level, understanding their true selves from heart to heart. This approach fosters an easy and quick healing process, allowing our clients to experience lasting change.

At Rumah Hypnosis, we go beyond traditional hypnosis; we specialize in dehypnotization and unhypnotization, guiding clients to break free from the limitations of their subconscious minds.

Core values that We believe in


In a hypnosis session we evoke positive states and memories together. Or negative situations that you want to work on and heal. In this setting they are intensified and then coupled with your anchor.


Self-awareness means getting to know yourself (again), exploring and (re)discovering your self. To ask and answer questions: Who am I really? Who do I want to be? What is my place in the world? What meaningful contribution do I want to make to myself and others? We will sense and answer these and other questions together in hypnosis.c


We have the great fortune to be able to work as a mother-daughter team. Our common calling is to help people find their way out of dependency and back into self-efficacy.


Hypnotherapy is nowadays fully scientifically recognized as a fast-acting and efficient treatment method.
The German Medical Journal (Deutsches Ärzteblatt) already headlined in its March 2004 issue, page 125 “The effectiveness of hypnotherapy has been proven in over 200 empirical studies”.

"Our mission is to give you confidence in yourself and your very own power so that you can create your life to the fullest."
Geraldine & Stephanie Rumahi


"I did a session a few days before giving birth to help deal with the fear and anxiety and it really helped! I got through a deep relaxing state that lasted for days. I'm sure it helped for delivery as it went easy and smooth."
I am forever grateful to Melvina for her private online coaching service. She taught me how to lead a healthier life by being smarter about the food I consume.
We hired Melvina to help develop our corporate wellness program and she was very professional to work with. Our employees love her!

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